Publication Highlights

  • beckert-cotton

    Empire of Cotton: A Global History (Knopf, 2014), by Sven Beckert

  • desan-making money

    Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism (Oxford University Press, USA, 2014) by Christine Desan

  • RiverOfDarkJohnsonSized

    River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Cotton Kingdom (Belknap, 2013), by Walter Johnson

  • RobertsTransportingVisions

    Transporting Visions: The Movement of Images in Early America (University of California Press, 2014), by Jennifer L. Roberts

Faculty Publications

  • Kloppenberg_readingObama

    Reading Obama: Dreams, Hope, and the American Political Tradition (Princeton University Press, 2010)

  • Kloppenberg_Companion

    A Companion to American Thought (Blackwell, 1995), by James Kloppenberg, co-edited with Richard Wightman Fox

  • A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism

    A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism, two volumes (editor). (Skinner House, 2017), by Dan McKanan

  • africana

    Africana: the Encyclopedia of African and African American Experience, (Basic Civitas, 1999); edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., with K. Anthony Appiah

  • Gates - america_behind_the_color_line

    America Behind the Color Line: Dialogues with African Americans (Warner Books, 2004), by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • brekus-american-christianities

    American Christianities: A History of Dominance and Diversity (co-edited with W. Clark Gilpin), (UNC Press, 2011), by Catherine Brekus

  • RobertsAmericanEncounters

    American Encounters: Art, History, and Cultural Identity (Pearson, 2007), by Jennifer L. Roberts and others

  • Biel American Gothic

    American Gothic: A Life of America’s Most Famous Painting (W.W. Norton, 2005), by Steven Biel

  • Kelsey_ArchiveStyle

    Archive Style: Photographs and Illustrations for U.S. Surveys, 1850-1890 (University of California Press, 2007), by Robin Kelsey

  • Shell_ArtMoney

    Art & Money (Chicago University Press, 1994), by Marc Shell

  • Lambert-Beatty_BeingWatched

    Being Watched: Yvonne Rainer and the 1960s (MIT Press, 2008), by Carrie Lambert-Beatty

  • Sommer_BilingualAesthetics

    Bilingual Aesthetics: A New Sentimental Education (Duke University Press, 2004), by Doris Sommer

  • jones broken hearts

    Broken Hearts: The Tangled History of Cardiac Care (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013) by David S. Jones

  • Bernstein_CastOut

    Cast Out: Queer Lives in Theater (University of Michigan Press, 2006), by Robin Bernstein

  • Hammond-deadly scourge

    Childhood’s Deadly Scourge: The Campaign to Control Diphtheria in New York City, 1880-1930 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999), by Evelynn Hammonds

  • Shell_Children

    Children of the Earth: Literature, Politics, and Nationhood (Oxford University Press, 1994), by Marc Shell

  • Burt_CloseCalls

    Close Calls with Nonsense: Reading New Poetry (Graywolf Press, 2009), by Stephen Burt

  • ColinMcPheeOja

    Colin McPhee: Composer in Two Worlds (University of Illinois Press, 2004), by Carol Oja

  • BielDownWithTheOldCanoe

    Down with the Old Canoe: A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster (W.W. Norton, 1996; updated edition, 2012) by Steven Biel

  • Eco-Alchemy-Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy

    Eco-Alchemy: Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and the Environmental Movement. (University of California Press, 2017), by Dan McKanan

  • Hempton_EvangelicalDisenchantment

    Evangelical Disenchantment (Yale University Press, 2008), by David Hempton

  • Gates_FiguresInBlack

    Figures in Black: Words, Signs and the ‘Racial’ Self (Oxford University Press, 1987), by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • Gates - Finding Oprahs Roots

    Finding Oprah’s Roots: Finding Your Own (Crown Publishers, 2007), by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • Sommer_FoundationalFictions

    Foundational Fictions: The National Romances of Latin America (University of California Press, 1993), by Doris Sommer

  • Patterson_FreedomMaking

    Freedom in the Making of Western Culture (Basic Books, 1991), by Orlando Patterson

  • Monson - Freedom Sounds

    Freedom Sounds: Civil Rights Call Out to Jazz and Africa (Oxford University Press, 2007), by Ingrid Monson

  • Stauffer - Giants

    Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass & Abraham Lincoln (Twelve, 2008), by John Stauffer

  • McKananIdentifyingTheImageOfGod

    Identifying the Image of God: Radical Christians and Nonviolent Power in the Antebellum United States (Oxford, 2003), by Dan McKanan

  • RobertsJasperJohns

    Jasper Johns / In Press: The Crosshatch Works and the Logic of Print (Harvard Art Museums and Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2012), by Jennifer L. Roberts

  • Carpio - Laughing Fit to Kill

    Laughing Fit to Kill: Black Humor in the Fictions of Slavery (Oxford University Press, 2008), by Glenda Carpio

  • Gates_LooseCanons

    Loose Canons: Notes on the Culture Wars (Oxford University Press, 1992), by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • modernmusic

    Making Music Modern: New York in the 1920s (Oxford University Press, 2000), by Carol Oja

  • Hempton-Methodism

    Methodism and Politics in British Society, 1750-1850 (Stanford University Press, 1984), by David Hempton

  • robertsmirror

    Mirror-Travels: Robert Smithson and History (Yale University Press, 2004), by Jennifer L. Roberts

  • OutOfWorkKeyssarSized

    Out of Work: The First Century of Unemployment in Massachusetts (Cambridge University Press, 1986), by Alexander Keyssar

  • Weld_Paper_Cadavers

    Paper Cadavers: The Archives of Dictatorship in Guatemala (Duke University Press, 2014) by Kirsten Weld

  • ParallelPlayBurtSized

    Parallel Play: Poems (Graywolf Press, 2006), by Stephen Burt

  • rivera-planetary loves

    Planetary Loves: Spivak, Postcoloniality and Theology (December 2010, Fordham University Press), by Mayra Rivera Rivera

  • Poetics of the Flesh Book image

    Poetics of the Flesh (Duke University Press, 2015), by Mayra Rivera Rivera

  • Postcolonial-Theologies-Rivera

    Postcolonial Theologies: Divinity and Empire (Chalice Press, 2004), by Mayra Rivera Rivera


    Proceed with Caution: When Engaged by Minority Writing in the Americas (Cambridge, 1999), by Doris Sommer

  • PropheticEncountersMcKannanSized

    Prophetic Encounters: Religion and the American Radical Tradition (Beacon Press, 2012), by Dan McKanan

  • Racial Innocence Cover jpg

    Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights (New York University Press, 2011), by Robin Bernstein

  • RadicalSpiritsBraudeSized

    Radical Spirits: Spiritualism and Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-century America (Beacon Press, 1989), by Anne Braude

  • rationalizingepidemics_jones

    Rationalizing Epidemics: Meanings and Uses of American Indian Mortality since 1600 (Harvard University Press, 2004), by David S. Jones

  • Mack-representing the race

    Representing the Race: The Creation of the Civil Rights Lawyer (Harvard University Press 2012), by Kenneth W. Mack

  • ReputationAndPowerCarpenterSized

    Reputation and Power: Organizational Image and Pharmaceutical Regulation at the FDA (Princeton University Press, 2010), Daniel Carpenter


    Righteous Discontent: The Women’s Movement in the Black Baptist Church, 1882-1920 (Cambridge University Press, 1993), by Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham

  • RoundAboutTheEarthChaplinSized

    Round about the Earth: Circumnavigation from Magellan to Orbit (Simon & Schuster, 2012), by Joyce Chaplin

  • brekus-sarah-osborn

    Sarah Osborn’s World: The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America (Yale University Press, 2013), by Catherine Brekus

  • SistersAndSaintsBraudeSized

    Sisters and Saints: Women and American Religion (Oxford University Press, 2008), by Anne Braude

  • SlaveryAndSocialDeathPattersonSized

    Slavery and Social Death: A comparative Study (Harvard University Press, 1985), by Orlando Patterson

  • brekus_strangers

    Strangers and Pilgrims: Female Preaching in America, 1740-1845 (UNC Press, 1998), by Catherine Brekus

  • SubjectMatter

    Subject Matter: Technology, the Body, and Science on the Anglo-American Frontier, 1500-1676 (Harvard University Press, 2001), by Joyce Chaplin

  • SuburbanWarriorsMcGirr

    Suburban Warriors: The Origins of the New American Right (Princeton University Press, 2001), by Lisa McGirr

  • Hochschild_AmericanDream

    The American Dream and the Public Schools (Oxford University Press, 2003), by Jennifer Hochschild

  • blackhearts1

    The Black Hearts of Men: Radical Abolitionists and the Transformation of Race (Harvard University Press, 2001), by John Stauffer

  • McKananTheCatholicWorkerAfterDorothy

    The Catholic Worker after Dorothy: Practicing the Works of Mercy in a New Generation (Liturgical Press, 2008), by Dan McKanan

  • The Declaration of Independence: A Global History

    The Declaration of Independence: A Global History (Harvard University Press, 2007), by David Armitage

  • Chaplin - First Scientific American

    The First Scientific American: Benjamin Franklin and the Pursuit of Genius (Basic Books, 2006), by Joyce Chaplin

  • Carpenter_ForgingBureaucratic

    The Forging of Bureaucratic Autonomy: Reputations, Networks and Policy Innovation in Executive Agencies, 1862-1928 (Princeton University Press, 2001), by Daniel Carpenter

  • Burt_FormsYouth

    The Forms of Youth: Twentieth-century Poetry and Adolescence (Columbia University Press, 2007), by Stephen Burt

  • New_LinesEye

    The Line’s Eye: Poetic Experience, American Sight (Harvard University Press, 1999), by Elisa New

  • modernuniv1

    The Making of the Modern University: Intellectual Transformation and the Marginalization of Morality (University of Chicago Press, 1996), by Julie Reuben

  • moniedBeckert

    The Monied Metropolis: New York City and the Consolidation of the American Bourgeoisie, 1850-1896 (Cambridge University Press, 2006), by Sven Beckert

  • Hammonds-the nature of difference

    The nature of difference : sciences of race in the United States from Jefferson to genomics (MIT 2008), by Evelynn Hammonds

  • thenewblack_mack

    The New Black: What Has Changed–and What Has Not–with Race in America (The New Press forthcoming 2012), by Kenneth W. Mack & Guy-Uriel Charles eds.

  • TheOrdealOfIntegrationPattersonSized

    The Ordeal of Integration: Progress and Resentment in America’s “Racial” Crisis (Basic Civitas Books, 1998), by Orlando Patterson

  • GoldinTheRaceBetweenEducationAndTechnology

    The Race between Education and Technology (Harvard University Press, 2008) by Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz

  • BrownTheReapersGarden

    The Reaper’s Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery (Harvard University Press, 2008), by Vincent Brown

  • TheRegenerteLyricNewSized

    The Regenerate Lyric: Theology and Innovation in American Poetry (Cambridge University Press, 1993), by Elisa New

  • brekus-religious-history

    The Religious History of American Women: Reimagining the Past (UNC Press, 2007), by Catherine Brekus

  • righttovote

    The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States (Basic Books, 2000), by Alex Keyssar

  • TheSignifyingMonkeyGatesSized

    The Signifying Monkey: A Theory of Afro-American Literary Criticism (Oxford University Press, 1988), by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

  • Stauffer - State of Jones

    The State of Jones: The Small Southern County that Seceded from the Confederacy (Doubleday, 2009), by John Stauffer, with Sally Jenkins

  • The-Touch-of-Transcendence- Rivera

    The Touch of Transcendence: A Postcolonial Theology of God (Westminster John Knox Press, 2007), by Mayra Rivera Rivera

  • VirtuesofLiberalism

    The Virtues of Liberalism (Oxford University Press, 1998), by James Kloppenberg

  • McKananTouchingTheWorld

    Touching the World: Christian Communities Transforming Society (Liturgical Press, 2007), by Dan McKanan

  • TOWARD DEMOCRACY: THE STRUGGLE FOR SELF-RULE IN EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN THOUGHT (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016), by James Kloppenberg

  • UncertainVictoryKloppenbergSized

    Uncertain Victory: Social Democracy and Progressivism in European and American Thought, 1870-1920 (Oxford University Press, 1986), by James Kloppenberg

  • UnderstandingGenderGapGoldinSized

    Understanding the Gender Gap: An Economic History of American Women (Oxford University Press, 1990), by Claudia Goldin

  • Von Emerson zu Thomas Mann

    Von Emerson zu Thomas Mann: Beiträge zur Geschichte unitarischen Denkens in Amerika und Deutschland (coedited with Heinrich Detering). (Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 2017), by Dan McKanan

  • what'sthe useofrace_jones

    What’s the Use of Race? Modern Governance and the Biology of Difference (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2010), by David S. Jones (Editor)