American Studies Workshop (American Studies Program)

Organized annually by two American Studies students, this workshop features both student work and that of invited guests from across the country.

American Studies Dissertation Colloquia (American Studies Program)

Organized by the Program Office, each American Studies student presents twice over the course of her/his Harvard career (once for the prospectus, then one chapter). Presenters are Am. Studies students only; attendees come from across the University and beyond.

American Literature Colloquium (English Department)

American Studies students are welcome to attend and present at this English Department colloquium, mostly featuring student work but also the occasional faculty guest.

American Literature and Culture Seminar (Mahindra Center)

Work by faculty only. Featuring scholars from Harvard and other Boston area institutions, this seminar focuses on American literature in all periods and with an interdisciplinary lens.

American Literature in Comparative and Ethnic Perspectives (Mahindra Center)

Primarily composed of students working with Professors Carpio and Sollors. Features student work and occasional guest speakers.

Capitalism (History of) Dissertation and Reading Group

Organized by students associated with the Political Economy Workshop (see elsewhere on this list), this opportunity is comprised solely of work by students, many of whom work with Professor Sven Beckert.

Gender and Sexuality Workshop (Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program)

An interdisciplinary group featuring student work only. Meets monthly.

International and Global History Seminar (Weatherhead Center)

Organized by Professors David Armitage and Erez Manela, this seminar primarily features scholars from beyond Harvard, and occasionally work by Harvard students.

Music Department Americanist Workshop

Comprised primarily of students of Professor Carol Oja.

North American Religious Studies Colloquium (Divinity School and FAS Study of Religion; graded course)

Long-standing workshop comprised roughly half-and-half of student and faculty work-in-progress. Includes Boston-area scholars from outside Harvard (especially Boston University). Bi-monthly, with one presenter and two respondents at each meeting.

Political Economy of Modern Capitalism Workshop (History Department; graded course)

Led by professors Sven Beckert (History) and Christine Desan (Law), this workshop primarily features guest speakers from across the country, and occasionally work by Harvard students.