Research Institutes

All Harvard’s research centers and institutes are vibrant centers of interdisciplinary interchange, gathering scholars from across disciplines and departments along shared lines of interest. All of the following include the study of American topics, and support graduate work by funding individual research proposals, and/or hosting fora in which doctoral work is presented and discussed.

Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History

Each year, the Warren Center brings to Harvard visiting scholars whose work relates to an annually-changing theme in American history. Each themed workshop also features a graduate course, which many American Studies students have found beneficial. The Warren Center also offers a substantial program of grants for graduate research.

W. E. B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research

Home to the Hip Hop Archive and many other research initiatives, the DBI also awards up to twenty fellowships annually to scholars at various career stages in fields spanning the African diaspora. The Institute’s events calendar features an extensive array of lectures, exhibitions, readings, conferences, and publication projects.

Mahindra Humanities Center

Harvard’s Mahindra Center is a crossroads for interdisciplinary discussions among Harvard and area faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and the public. Of special relevance to American Studies students are several seminars and graduate workshops on topics in American literature, history, and culture, which are featured among many other lectures, panels, conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Center for American Political Studies

Dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of U.S. politics, CAPS hosts seminars and provides graduate funding for the research and completion phases of doctoral work, especially dissertations concerned with the study of the American republic, and which study the causes and/or consequences of religious freedom.

Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

At a time when work in American Studies is increasingly situated in global contexts, American Studies students have found their work facilitated by the Weatherhead Center and its associated programs (Conference on International History; Center for History and Economics; Global History Initiative; Canada Program).